One of the changes that the internet has brought and that social networks have promoted is its appearance. Of new characters that function as idols of the masses. If until not long ago, only those who managed to reach those media with mass audiences. Such as television or cinema. Managed to have a direct impact on the audiences and managed to become a kind of idol for those who followed them now, in reality. Anyone with an internet connection and the potential to tell something and do it well can do it. Their audiences may not always be as massive as those that those stars of the past had, but. Although the numbers are much less impressive. They do have a much more direct impact on the purchasing decisions of those. Consumers or on how they see the world. Then those stars on the screen had.

This Is the New Age of Influencers, Micro-influencers

This is the new age of influencers, micro-influencers, and, of course, YouTube stars. YouTube stars are possibly the ones who most resemble those stars on the big screen since they also have very large and quite Buy Ivory Coast WhatsApp Numbers millionaire audiences and, therefore, they also achieve impressive figures in terms of connection with audiences. In addition, if these new celebrities have begun to stand out above the other new players of the Internet era, it is for a particularly prominent reason, and that is that they are the ones who are accumulating the most impressive accounts in the new ecosystem in which brands move online. YouTube stars are increasingly better paid.

How much do YouTube’s brightest stars earn?

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YouTube stars also accumulate more and more sources of income, since they not only have the direct income associated with the advertising of their content (the ‘typical’ YouTube advertising) but they are also closing more and more advertising deals. with more varied brands, they are creating more and more derivative products (for example, there are not a few who are launching their own books) and, finally, they are closing million-dollar agreements with content platforms, such as YouTube Red or Netflix, to create exclusive content for them.

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