When brands had not yet fully gotten used to millennials and when they were. Still not really very clear about what these consumers wanted or did not want. A new headache has appeared for those responsible. Millennials have just been joined by a mysterious new playground for business: teenagers. They can be called generation z, or generation k , as some are beginning to call them, or simply teenagers, but in any case. Brands have to try to reinterpret everything they know (or don’t know. After all, with millennials they still don’t know). They have completely done the work of learning and understanding. What they want and what they are looking for in the world) in order to adjust to what these consumers ask for and need.

The Brands Have Already Begun to See Things Differently

Teenagers are much more digital than previous generations and are much more linked to what happens in online scenarios. But even though they are so digital and tech-savvy, they are not really using electronic resources in the Buy Pakistan WhatsApp Numbers the same way as users of previous generations. There is more to take the case of Facebook to see it. Facebook has been, without question, the reigning social network in recent years, the social network that everyone used on a recurring basis to connect with their friends and the one that had become the obsession of brands that wanted to position themselves prominently thus connect with consumers.

Youtube and Gmail, the Favorites in Fact, and According

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These data must also be crossed with some other previous studies. As recalled in marketer, which confirms the power of youtube among adolescents. For teens, youtube stars are more influential in purchasing decisions, for example than tv or movie stars. After youtube, and here perhaps a surprising fact can be found. No social network is positioned but one of the most traditional destinations of the network, the mail. The second space that adolescents use the most is Gmail. Which has been chosen by 75% of those surveyed.

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