Youtube is forcing marketers to change the strategies youtube has become. A fundamental part of the positioning strategy of companies on the network. It is not just that they use the platform to publish their content directly and thus reach consumers. But they are also increasingly using it to the position. Advertising and reaching different audiences with their ads. A fairly significant portion of your advertising. The budget ends up on youtube. But youtube has its problems. As has been shown by the scandals that the platform has been leading throughout the year that has just ended. Advertising buying on youtube is done programmatically. This means you can’t really control how or where ads are served.

The Problems That Brands See With This Measure, They Were

As is generally the case with programmatic advertising (and as other scandals have already shown during the year). Audience niches are bought, but not always necessarily safe spaces. Added to this list of email addresses philippines is the fact that most of the content on. Youtube is being uploaded directly by internet users. Which makes establishing the quality of the content even more complicated. The measures that youtube put in place to defuse the scandals. When advertisers protested after discovering that their ads appeared in spaces that. Were not at all positive about their brand image. In many cases meant harming small content creators compared to larger and wider audiences.

Brands May Initially Feel Relieved and Satisfied With the Measures

With this measure, they were trying to ensure that brands moved with their ads in a safe environment, but those same brands are beginning to wonder if that is really the case. The measure now only allows large content creators to reach them, but this does not mean that there are no risks for the brand image. There is nothing more to think about what has happened with Logan Paul, the YouTuber who has been immersed in a scandal in recent days after publishing a video in which a person who had committed suicide was seen.

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