Companies have experimented with buy buttons in online advertising. Google has recently announced that it will add buttons to its search results. But before that they announced instant buttons or incorporated them into Tumblr. Although in its mobile version, Pinterest or Twitter. All these firms play with a fundamental element. The power of ‘I want it’ is when a product is seen in an advertising message or in a message on a social network. The consumer feels the immediate impulse to close the purchase and the button makes this entirely possible.

The Last to Announce That It Incorporates Purchase Buttons

The functionality has been baptized as trueview for shopping and will allow advertisers. To create a list with all the products that appear in the ad. The list will not only show the references or prices but also incorporate the ‘buy now’ functionality. The list of products shown will also not be an element that the consumer. Has to search for or have to make an effort to display. The Canadian CEO Email Lists list will be right next to the ad, taking advantage of the features of the ‘cards’. The ‘cards’, or cards, were introduced by youtube. A few months ago and allow brands to offer more information about what is being seen in the ad.

The Purchase Message Will Appear in the Ads in Preroll

Canadian CEO Email Lists

Google believes that with this new format the ads will be much more effective. Since they are pushing consumers to a much more direct conversion once the message. Is shown to them.” advertisers have used annotations in the past to make their videos interactive. But annotations don’t always work on every screen and viewers don’t always know. What to expect from them.” avi fein, product manager at youtube tells businessinsider. Pointing out that with the new formula they have created an experience with much more power of engagement and that it is much more interactive.

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