Influencer advertising is one of the formats that have a longer life and possibly go back further in terms of types of ads. All you have to do is go to the newspaper library to see what the brands of the past did and who they used to position their products. Even before Hollywood stars became the protagonists of practically any type of advertising that brands could think of, there were already advertisements starring celebrities and in which they recommended products. But the truth is that even before the famous person on duty was signed to be the ambassador of a certain product or service, the brands were already impacted by the consumption habits of what we would now call influencers, very popular people who achieved directly impact the consumption decisions of others and that made everyone buy certain things.

Influence Is Still Influence Things Haven’t Really Changed

Things haven’t really changed that much over time. And the effects that certain items have on other consumers haven’t changed that much. There are still celebrities who continue to make consumers do certain things. (who hasn’t cut their hair following the photo of a particular celebrity?) and there are still characters who influence the purchase and consumption decisions of Slovakia B2B List other consumers. What has changed and what makes today’s buyers very different not only from. How consumers were 100 years ago but even from 10 years ago is that. Who can become one of those influencers or who is really. That influencer is no longer the same type of person he was in the past.

The New Influencer Marketing Every Time the Brands Are Trusting

Slovakia B2B List

To understand who modifies the purchase decisions of consumers and to understand. Who has a direct effect on them, we now have to look at other elements. Influencers are no longer famous or celebrities. Now, to find the influencers, you have to search social networks and video content. The stars of twitter, instagram or youtube are the ones. Who make consumers buy or not buy a new product. One only has to look at the list of the most influential people on the net. Dominated by celebrities of this new stamp, to understand how things have changed. Now, youtube and social networks are the new cradles where new influencers are born and emerge.

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