Millennials play an increasingly important role when making purchasing decisions in companies. If only because the number of members of that generation. Who enter the labor market, or who climb to positions of responsibility, grows year by year. Anus. And according to a new sacunas survey, these young people clearly prefer video content and channels like youtube. When researching b2b products and services. And it is that these buyers are clearly turning to digital when making their decisions about online purchases. Both personally and professionally. 56% indicate that search engines. Seller websites and social networks are the most important channels to search for new products and services.

Behind These Digital Channels Would Come the Recommendations

In addition, the younger the age of the respondent, the more likely they are to choose social platforms as the main channel to discover products and services, although practically all millennials use these platforms: 85%. The most used is Facebook, but YouTube is also highly valued, especially by boys (22% of them use it to research products compared to 10% of them). Although 6 out of 10 UK B2B List respondents have Linkedin, only 7% use the professional network to inform their purchase decisions. The mobile phone also plays a key role, especially for those who want to continue researching outside of working hours -when they are usually in front of a computer.

Most Consider That It Is More Comfortable to Watch a Video on the Smartphone

UK B2B List

If they don’t see it, they don’t believe it: the power of the image . The main conclusion of the report is that video is, without a doubt, the preferred format for millennials who are looking for information to make the optimal purchase decisions for the company in which they work. However, webinars, which are dynamic and interactive, fail to attract their interest. What they are looking for is accessible and attractive succinct videos that at the same time inform them about the products or services.

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