Links – the key factor. As a website grows, the chances of dead links increase. Therefore, continuous link checking for relevance is imperative. While there is a relatively good WordPress plugin to identify broken Afghanistan Phone Number are also some great online dead link checkers. Keywords – For WordPress, leave that to the Yoast plugin. However, you must be aware that only one page is optimized for each focus keyword. If there is a duplication, Yoast will point it out. Technical Errors – Switch to your Google Search Console account, select Crawl > Crawl Errors. If there is, correct the non-existing page with a 404 error.

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Correct and optimize these pages. In other words, redirect the URLs of those pages to a location that contains the necessary information. Duplicate Content – ​​ is a great tool to find duplicate content Afghanistan Phone Number on your website. You can also use Google Search Console to search for HTML improvements under Appearance. Most SEO questions you might encounter are technical in nature. So that’s one of the reasons why if they get fixed, you can literally say goodbye to them .

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So, don’t be afraid. Doing an SEO audit for a WordPress site is not that difficult. With so many online tools available today, you’ll find it relatively easy. Any other final words after completing the SEO audit. Now that Afghanistan Phone Numbergone through the entire audit process, you’re now aware of your website’s SEO weaknesses…then you can correct and prioritize each flaw, and over time, you can see each.

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