As of 2016, Google has pushed several AMP-related actions for adoption…and it’s being embraced quickly…one factor that’s been talked about is AMP they’ve built into Google’s search console or webmaster South Korea Phone Number Validator. This helps them QA their own AMP optimized content and pages. Or you can self-validate with this AMP Validated post on the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project site. On top of that, people want fast answers on mobile…which led Google to push this hard in 2016…so it’s time for you to catch up as this will greatly determine your SEO strategy in 2017 In short, it’s clear that AMP features will be all the rage in 2017.

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Importance of CDN or Content Delivery Network. More than six years ago, Google first announced that page load speed would be a major factor in website rankings. These content delivery networks have South Korea Phone Number grown over the past few years. News and media sites and e-commerce merchants use it to increase overall conversion rates and user engagement as it helps content load faster. Much like AMP, the goal of CDNs is to ensure that web pages load faster and improve SEo. It’s clear that 2017 will see more sites take advantage of these content delivery networks.

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SERPs will start showing more long-form content instead of category and product pages. Another fun fact is that mobile search keywords are longer, or long-tail keywords as opposed to their smaller counterparts on South Korea Phone Number . It’s clear that users are tired of the short content most retailers currently offer…and there’s little value in showing the same titles and post titles their keyword searches end up in categories or Product pages. The best way you can prevent this is by offering a smaller amount of richer. More detailed and longer content that will set you apart from the competition.

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