To find keywords, you can use one of the many keyword tools on the market. Ahref and Semrush are great, but you can also use Google’s automatic predictions to find what your audience is searching for. chart on a Philippines Phone Number of paper 2. Website Architecture This is something you should invest your time in SEO. The architecture of your website will have a major impact on how Google serves your pages. You should have a sitemap, with the correct tags associated with the pages, which will help crawlers know what they’re looking at (and if they need to index or crawl again).

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On-page SEO Content is the cornerstone of on-page SEO. It’s what search engines  not just a set of words, it needs to be organized in a way that Google will reward. To do this, you need to make sure that the Philippines Phone Number accurately describes the content (so as not to be misleading), the subheading is relevant and informative enough but doesn’t reveal too much detail, that the paragraphs are broken down into bullet points where appropriate, and that there is adequate spacing. All of these techniques help create an easy reading experience for both humans and  search engine rankings.

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Local SEO If you have any brick and mortar stores, you will need to implement some form of local SEO. Local results appear when someone locally uses Google to search for your service or product. You may have noticed Philippines Phone Number when you searched when your local supermarket closed. Local SEO tips include  Put your address on your homepage and sitemap to make it easier to find. Add location details to pages with locally relevant products or services, such as “Service area: Newcastle upon Tyne”.

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