Specifically, Google heavily highlights a site’s reviews. Most website owners don’t know that the word count of their blog or website also includes comments on those websites. Google’s algorithms analyze website Dominican Republic Phone Number to assess visitor engagement with that particular website. Of course, sites that engage with their audience in the comments section tend to be more engaging to viewers and users. The more reviews your website contains and the more you interact with users through reviews, the higher your website’s SEO ranking will be.

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Optimizing the comments section of your website is an organic strategy to improve your website’s SEO. Besides from an SEO perspective, reviews are also important to a website’s reputation. Most well-known websites contain Dominican Republic Phone Number of reviews from users. That’s what helps these sites grow more. Most users tend to rely on sites with more interactive reviews. This is why most SEO strategists recommend that website owners engage as much as possible with their users through the comments section.

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Lower Your Website’s

Also, if you disable the comments section of the site, you won’t get neutral results. This doesn’t help your site get better SEO rankings. However, your site may be left behind in the SEO competition by Dominican Republic Phone Number ‘ sites. Most website owners think they will eliminate negative results from the comments section by disabling it. This is a misconception, and it’s not true by any means.

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