Some bloggers worry that following a specific blog post structure will inhibit their creativity. In fact, once you try structuring your posts well from the start, you’ll find it frees you up to be more creative. You may even find that specific structures help prompt you toward new ideas for your blog. We’re going to first look at two Jordan Phone Number List simple, yet extremely effective blog post structures to draw some inspiration from in your writing process. After that, we’ll dig into some easy, powerful ways to extend these simple structures into a more finessed result. Jordan Phone Number List Finally, we’ll talk about how to tastefully borrow inspiration from features you may admire on my blog here… to incorporate into your own blog post structure over time.

Help Readers Find What They Need (with a Table of Contents)

Simple Blog Post Structures That Work Every Time In its Jordan Phone Number List most basic form, every piece of writing has a beginning, middle and end (or at least, it certainly should). With blog posts, we often call these core structural components the introduction, main body and conclusion. Stock image of woman reading on a bench Normally, the Jordan Phone Number List introduction and conclusion will be quite short. For a 1,000 word post, Jordan Phone Number List the three parts might break down into something like this: Introduction: 100 – 200 words Main body: 700 – 850 words Conclusion 50 – 100 words Each of the blog post structures we’ll be covering in this guide make use of these three basic components.

Wrapping Up: Use A More Thoughtful Blog Post Structure Today

Because the vast majority of readers are Jordan Phone Number List already primed to expect these structural elements as a matter of habit. If you’re interested in crafting alluring headlines, check out my ultimate guide: How to Write a Headline (That Captures Attention). Easy Blog Post Structure. The List Post Let’s take a look at one of the most popular types of a blog post.  Structures in the wild today—the list post (or listicle), which is a format I do very well here on my blog. For example, here’s a screenshot from my list of the. Best Affiliate Jordan Phone Number List Programs for. Bloggers: Example of a listicle blog post structure (screen shot from ryrob). Now, here’s how this content structure breaks down from the perspective of discussing.

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