—if it’s a huge, well-known show, you may need to pay to get your trailer or teaser featured. Use Social Media to Promote Your Podcast Social media is a great resource for promoting your podcast. When you do upload a podcast you can share each episode with your social media audience. Samoa Email List Samoa Email List But instead of stopping there, build interest by sharing sneak peeks along the way. Share short audio clips before you release a new episode. Share behind-the-scenes pictures so people can get to Samoa Email List know you better. They’re only hearing your voice when they listen to your podcast. Give them a chance to get to know what you look like and what you do in regular life.

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This is a good way to build a relationship with your Samoa Email List audience and build relatability. 13. Monetize Your Podcast Getting listeners is great, but if you want to keep running your podcast for the long term, you’re going to need to monetize it. The costs of podcasting equipment and hosting can add up over time, plus you may Samoa Email List want to pay for extras like transcription. And, of course, you’ll likely want to get a good return for the time you invest into your podcast. Sponsorships and Advertisements One of the most popular ways to monetize your podcast is through sponsorships, where a company or brand pays to air promotion on your podcast.

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Normally, this is done through the podcast host Samoa Email List talking about the sponsor’s product or service, though you could also insert a pre-recorded ad from the sponsor if that’s what they prefer. While it’s up to you how many ads you include in each episode, more than 2 is probably overkill. You could position these: Pre-roll (before the main portion of the podcast) Samoa Email List Mid-roll (during the middle of the podcast) Or post-roll (as a call to action at the end of the episode) Typically, pre-and post-roll ads are around 15 – 30 seconds,

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