should cost you no more than $10.00 – $20.00/year. Security Cost (variable) Some web hosting plans include anti-malware software to protect your site. Switzerland Phone Number List This can prevent hackers from installing malicious code on your website. While all web hosts should have secure servers, you’re likely to Switzerland Phone Number List pay more for plans that include additional security for your website. Alternatively, you might prefer to pay for third-party security services, such as Sucuri (which costs from $199/year per site). Switzerland Phone Number List Support Cost (variable) All paid web host plans should include some type of technical support. If you’re paying for the cheapest plan from a web host.

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You can normally expect email and/or live to chat Switzerland Phone Number List support. You normally need to pay more if you want phone support. For most new bloggers, the basic level of support is all you need. Remember, your web host isn’t there to answer WordPress questions like how to change the font size on your blog. There are plenty of tutorials Switzerland Phone Number List available online to help you understand the technical side of blogging and creating a website. Server Reliability Costs Keeping servers maintained and reliable is a huge expense for your web host company. If you want top-notch web hosting that’s blazing fast and offers the best possible uptime for your site, you’ll likely need to pay for it.

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Some web hosts such as Bluehost are well-reviewed by Switzerland Phone Number List experts and customers for their excellent levels of uptime. Most web hosts will claim 99.9% uptime. For impartial details, you can see some tests on uptime and speed here. Setup Fees (Rare) Most web hosts don’t charge a separate setup fee. However, it does cost them to accept you as a customer. That is simply rolled into your monthly or annual price. This is Switzerland Phone Number List one of the reasons it always costs more to pay monthly for web hosting instead of paying yearly. Committing to full bloggers.

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