Under his narrowest responsibility, he will prohibit any individual from Algeria Email List going down to the machine, if he is not an Officer, an Aspirant, or has permission from the Commander or Officer of the watch. Back to top Back to index Article 859 . Prevent flammable or explosive liquors, clothing, or objects from entering your apartment. The same Algeria Email List precaution should be taken with the cotton tow that is in your charge, taking care that they are not damp, and that those that have been smeared with oil are not kept in other places other Algeria Email List than in the ovens; It will also ensure that objects that, when they fall, may cause damage to the machine, are not hung in the machine room or placed in its vicinity. Back to top Back to index Article 860 . He will take care of the recognition and receipt of the coal and the effects of his position.

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As well as the consumption thereof, for which he Algeria Email List will keep the necessary books in the prevented manner, being able to delegate this obligation to his subordinates when the circumstances require it; but in this case, any defect or omission will be your sole responsibility. Back to top Back to index Article 861 . In hull and during the Algeria Email List permanence of the machines and boilers on board, he will attend to the maintenance and conservation of them, with the people provided by the Arsenal, devoting equal attention to the effects of his Algeria Email List branch that are deposited in the warehouses. Back to top Back to index Article 862 . When all the machines and boilers are in the workshop for repair, they will attend to the works that are done and will attend them, having to witness the operation of reassembling said machines and boilers.

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Which will also be carried out when the ship is Algeria Email List assembled. for the first time, in order to find out in detail the status and progress of the works and the changes that are introduced in the installation and disposition of any part Algeria Email List of the devices. Before undertaking the repairs, he shall make present the observations that suggest his zeal and practice in handling the machines at sea, so that any defects that he may have noticed are corrected. Back to top Back to index Article 863 . He will not hide the slightest fault among his Algeria Email List subordinates and will make each one fulfill the duties of their respective jobs. Back to top Back to index Article 864 . It will be their obligation to distribute the guards of the Machinists, Furnace Cabos and Stokers, indicating to each the corresponding place.

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