Know you must be super busy, is there someone else on your team that might be a better fit for me to reach out to for chatting about [your service medium]? [Your Name] … Day 8: No response. Albania WhatsApp Number List Day 9: No response. Day 10: No response. Day 11: Third follow-up. This time, I’ll actually send my follow-up email to another person who looks like they could be a potential decision-maker on this company’s marketing team.

Here’s Albania WhatsApp Number List what that new email looks like: … Subject: Re: [Company Name’s] feature on my blog Hey [First Name], I reached out to [name of the first person you cold emailed] last week to let her/him know that I [shared, featured, mentioned something relevant] on my blog and social channels. I never heard back and I’m assuming she’s/he’s just super busy right now.

Get Your Readers’ Attention Without Promotion

[Your Name]  This email is in the same format as our second follow-up email, this time directed to the new person you’re reaching out to. At this point, you’ll have sent 3 emails to your initial point of contact and 2 to your secondary target. Personally, I usually choose to slow things down Albania WhatsApp Number List drastically once it’s been more than 2 weeks of trying to make contact and not getting anywhere (which is very rare). 9 times out of 10, you’ll at least get a no by this point.

Restrain Yourself from Promotion

I’ll pause here and wait a full 2 weeks before following Albania WhatsApp Number List back up with both of the people I’ve reached out to again. Keep track of these emails in your inbox. Aside from tracking the status of my prospects in a Google Spreadsheet, I also use Inbox by Gmail to snooze these sent cold emails (according to the schedule we outlined above) immediately after sending them in case I don’t hear back.

That Albania WhatsApp Number List way, they’ll be resurfaced to the top of my inbox after the set number of days I’ve triggered for it to pop back up in. The snooze function looks like this right here: How to Follow Up on Cold Emails Ryan Robinson ryrob copy Throughout all of these follow-ups, I’m also moving on to other opportunities and getting business through other conversations & cold email pitches while this company goes onto the back burner.

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