The first attempt of podcasts to position themselves in the online market failed. The Internet wasn’t ready for them and they didn’t have the impact that they later found when they came back years later. Years later, smartphones had made it much easier to access that content, high-speed mobile internet made downloading simpler, and tech improvements made it easier to produce and share content. All this meant a change in the distribution and popularization of this content, creating an emerging industry of podcasts. Brands and companies began to show interest in the podcast since it emerged and see it as a possible asset in the advertising market.

The First Studies Pointed Out That the CPM

Companies were interested in the podcast because it allowed them to speak in a much more direct way with their potential consumers. The new content market was therefore realtor email list potentially well received by advertisers. But can brands be content to just be the ad or should they go one step further? Is the podcast the new star element of content marketing? One of the latest forecasts on the advertising market already anticipated that online audio was going to gain weight in advertising investment. The boom in podcasts and the growing presence of smart speakers would make audio go from being 4.5% of all advertising investment on the network to 6.8% in a few months.

The Example of the Fashion Industry the Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry is already doing it, despite the fact that podcasts are very non-visual (and the fashion industry plays a lot with the visual). As pointed out in a medium specialized in the fashion industry, luxury brands and medium-high-end commercial galleries are already launching their own podcasts and in some cases seeing how they work very well. One of the latest from Saks became, in fact, one of the most listened to content in the specialized ranking of Apple Podcast of beauty and fashion. Barneys, Sephora, and even luxury brands are launching their own podcasts.

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