We’re not sure why those extra three letters were too much, but there you go. Perf. 93. JK: Just Kidding. This one has withstood the test of time, appearing right around when texting did and hanging on ever since. Chile WhatsApp Number List Say a joke that could come across as a little mean? End it with a JK to make sure they know you aren’t serious. 94. FWIW: For What It’s Worth. Kind of like IMO, use this one when Chile WhatsApp Number List you know you don’t quite have the dominate opinion but you want to get your thoughts out there. 95. TY and Tks: Thank You. If someone sends you something you needed but you’re in a rush, compromise by sending a quick TY or Tks. 96. IKR: I Know Right. Wow, Tammy says on Slack, this is way more complicated than it should be.

Is This More Important Than My Current Priorities?

You reply, and suddenly you’re one of the Chile WhatsApp Number List cool kids, up to date on the hip new lingo with your fancy business slang. Congrats. 97. KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Bring this one out when things are just getting way too complicated and people are overthinking things. It’s kind of like a golden rule, but with a little more sass. 98. LOL: Laughing out loud. This simple indication that you’re laughing has been around forever too, and is super quick to send back to whoever just sent you that hilarious meme. If it’s Chile WhatsApp Number List really good, try “lolololol”. 99. LMAO: Laughing my ass off. A step above LOL, use this in those top-tier, actually-made-you-laugh-out-loud moments, to let the sender know. 100. F2F: Face to Face. Don’t want to set up a Skype call? Tell them you want to schedule a meeting F2F and grab a coffee.Just five months ago.

Built a Powerful Personal Brand, All Before Turning

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