One of the first lessons learned in marketing and advertising is the importance of segmentation. The messages cannot reach the whole world. But they have to reach the public that is interested in them and that is receptive to. What the brands and companies want to tell them. This implies not only working in certain areas but also starting from certain maxims. Among those learned over decades and even centuries of market strategy was that certain products and certain. Consumption niches reached certain sectors of consumers in a specific way, whether by age, gender or location.

There Were Already Those Who Pointed Out the Death

But some of the basic principles of marketing and advertising. As far as segmentation is concerned could have entered into crisis. A few years ago, there were already those who pointed out. The death of age segmentation as one of the Marshall Islands B2B List great trends in marketing and advertising. It was the beginning of the age agnostic era , the segmentation that was not based on age but on interests. What the researchers had discovered was that, in the new order of things and after the social changes of the last decades. It was more difficult than ever to put people in watertight compartments based on their ages and dates of birth.

They No Longer Behaved in the Way That Was Expected of Them

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After the death of the age comes the death of the gender niche. Now, added to this element is the crisis of gender segmentation. Some clothing stores have been starting to launch unisex fashion collections, but the change is much deeper than that.As The Wall Street Journal explains , some marketers have already begun to abandon gender-based targeting strategies. That is, they have stopped targeting ads for cleaning products only to women or ignoring men when selling diapers. Not everyone has abandoned gender segmentation, mind you. For some, there are still things ‘for women’ and ‘for men’ when it comes to selling.

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