When we talk about content marketing, we usually talk about several topics and questions that work as a kind of decalogue of the basics that should be done (or not) when trying to conquer the consumer with information. The content has to be relevant and interesting and brands must put the interests of consumers at the epicenter of it. It matters little that one wants to talk about a specific topic and the potential of the company in that exact field. That is not content marketing and that will not really connect with the consumer, which will possibly mark it as spam and put it on their list of things that they are rather uninterested in. On the other hand, the content must be prepared with minimum quality standards and must, therefore, meet certain require.

There Is an Element That Should Never Be Forgotten

This list of what to do and what not to do, there is an element that should never be forgotten and that. Should enter directly among the key issues that should not be lost sight of when making content. Brands must never lose sight of Buy Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Numbers storytelling. In other words, they must be able to tell stories and do it well. Because that is one of the few ways they have to really connect. With the audience and make their messages last beyond the exact time they are consumed. In fact, you only have to take traditional fairy tales. Those that were transmitted orally, to understand why storytelling works so importantly. What are the fairy tales looking for? In reality, they were a kind of content marketing ‘Avant la Lettre of moral principles.

Everyday Life and Gave the Tools to Be Able to Face Them and Get

The truth is that a good storytelling will not only make people pay more attention. To what is being told or better remember the premise from which the story starts. According to neuroscience studies. The consumer’s own brain works differently when faced with stories and before others. When a story is being told ‘well’, as a study by the university of california has shown. Instead of being processed in a specific part of the brain, the whole brain is put to work on it. This is that, when a story is well told, we concentrate totally on it.

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