One of the great obsessions of brands and companies in the times of the internet and of reputation in the times of the network. Reviews are crucial and everyone wants to see how their products are received positively. To this is added what could be called almost the dictatorship of the stars: consumers feel increasing. Inclined to vote in systems that allow them to do so with points and notes and those responsible for the companies. The products and services they vote for they feel increasingly concerned about the ratio left to them.

Because a Number of Stars or an Average That Is Too Low Makes

The study has focused on analyzing how consumers respond to opinions. They see on travel sites and has started from a base of comments and commenters on tripadvisor. When hotels respond to reviews, a game-changer occurs: analysts found that Buy Austria WhatsApp Numbers when they start doing so. They not only get 12% more reviews from consumers but also increase the average rating by 0.12 stars. This implies not only that the perception that consumers have of the hotel varies. But also that it changes how other platforms position it in their accommodation listings.

For All These Companies and Their Managers Opinions and Ratings

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That is one of the big questions that the different members of the industry ask themselves. As two experts from two American universities have just determined in the study online reputation management: estimating the impact of management responses on consumer reviews. Only responding to consumer reviews improves the votes you get and the reputation you achieve. Why is this happening? Commenters are less inclined to leave negative comments based on nonsense or not very grounded in anything. “Dissatisfied consumers feel more hesitant to leave unjustified complaints,” they point out.

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