Just over a couple of years ago, the word mobility timidly appeared in the jargon of digital marketing. Today it is a reality overwhelmed by the daily practice of consumers. Omnichannel is another word that seems to follow the same inexorable sense of what will soon be a constant. With enough arguments to think that it will become the relevant way of connecting with consumers. When we listen to the new cut of our favorite band and then go to. The live concert and the song does not sound the same. We are very disappointed. The same disenchantment arises when a shopping experience.Customer service response, and other touchpoints with a brand. Product, or service are inconsistent.

While I Was Walking Through a Shopping Center I Saw the Promotion

I will give as an example a common fact of my experience as a consumer. While I was walking through a shopping center. I saw the promotion of a well-known sportswear brand on my mobile, on the Facebook wall. Upon arrival at the store, neither the Dominica B2B List salesperson nor the store manager were fully aware of. The promotion and doubts arose about its scope. The shopping experience was interrupted. Which is equivalent to saying that there was noise in the channel or that. There was no consistency in the message. According to a study by the digital economy forum. Consumers increasingly aspire to be able to complete a shopping experience through any channel and at any time.

The Data Reinforces This Statement if We Take Into Account That

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According to a study by the Digital Economy Forum, consumers increasingly aspire to be able to complete a shopping experience through any channel and at any time. The data reinforces this statement, if we take into account that 67% of users start their purchases using an electronic device, but continue and finish them on a different one, according to a Google study on the use of devices in life everyday. Another study by the consulting firm AT Kearney states that 95% of retail purchases end in physical stores. It is easy to deduce why omnichannel is becoming more and more relevant. If we add to this that mobile and physical commerce tend to converge, studies suggest that 75% of shoppers use their mobile devices in the store, omnichannel becomes even more relevant.

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