One of the great fears of those responsible for brands and one of the issues. That makes some businesses try to stay as far away as possible from the network or at least from being open to anyone’s opinions is that. Being present in that scenario ends up becoming a bloodletting of negative comments. The bad opinion is a kind of nightmare that haunts brands. Who feel that once published on the internet it will be as if it had been engraved in stone and that. Therefore, it cannot be avoided by other consumers and will completely condition what they think of them.

It does not matter that it is also possible to leave good

It does not matter that it is also possible to leave good comments or that. The fear of being inundated by bad reviews seems unlikely when extrapolated to reality. However, the brands and their managers live obsessed with it. As well as with the Buy Philippines WhatsApp Numbers fear that a boom of not very legitimate bad opinions will arise (that competitor who takes the opportunity to make his ‘enemies’ green by hiding behind anonymity) and that. This forever damages your image on the net. But the truth is that negative comments are very valuable and have an effect. That goes far beyond simply being a way for consumers to perceive certain negative data about brands.

The Reality Is Much More Complex and the Bad Opinions of Some Consumers

This means, as john swanciger, ceo of manta and an expert in social networks, explains to bizreport. Negative comments can be turned into simply positive comments. Not only will the consumer trust the other comments more. But they will also form an image of the company based on the way in which the firm has managed that comment. How you respond or how you try to improve. What that unhappy consumer has experienced can help not only make. The unhappy commenter improves their perception, but also make other consumers see the brand differently.

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