In the list of elements that companies are increasingly taking into account. on how to reach consumers and how to connect with them, the digital experience. is increasingly important. Consumers not only use more and more technological tools. but they have also focused their existence and their day-to-day life on this environment. They use their mobile phones all the time, they want to have good experiences. when they connect with the brand on the internet (and they have a very low threshold of patience when things do not go as they should). and they have incorporated online experiences into the other elements of their lives. making the boundaries between online and offline increasingly blurred.

Therefore, Brands and Companies Have Had to Prepare Themselves

Therefore, brands and companies have had to prepare themselves in recent years for the position. Themselves prominently in this field and have had to adjust their teams and their functions to fit what. They need from them in this context. This has meant hiring new professionals. Adding new functions to the Canada email address list marketing department. Or assuming the need to worry about certain issues. But the importance of the user experience is so important and increasingly dependent on the network. And the online experience that many companies are already going one step further. More and more companies are incorporating teams focused solely on the network. And what to do on the internet to their marketing team so that they work and position themselves in those areas.

The Team That Works the Digital Experience That Is What a Study

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That is what a study has just pointed out, prepared by Clicktale. And more companies leave the part focused on the digital experience in their hands. Of specialized teams focused on that. Within the organization chart of the company, they have this specialized team that works specifically. On the digital experience and on the ‘consumer’s journey on the network. 48% of the brands that have been surveyed in the study. Say that it already works like this, compared to 31% who indicate that it is the marketing team . And 27% indicate that the digital department supervises this work. What does this imply?

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