One of the keys to success with brand messages is to give each consumer what they want to receive. Focusing on the audience that this message should reach is like a kind of basic principle of. The marketing strategies of practically any company and in practically any area. Since it is a vital element to connect with the consumer. The irruption of technology and the fact that the internet has allowed access. On the one hand, to much more information about consumers and, on the other. To tools that allow choosing in a much more efficient way who receives. The messages has allowed us to be more efficient when setting these parameters.

The Internet Allows Us to Get to Know Consumers

The Internet allows us to get to know consumers much better and makes it possible to be much more efficient when it comes to serving content, advertisements or messages. In the era in which personalization has become one of Buy Iran WhatsApp Numbers the great concerns of brands, segmenting properly is taken for granted as a lesson more than learned. And yet, it is not so. Brands still have problems when it comes to segmenting who receives their advertising and getting it right when it comes to positioning their messages. Advertising isn’t always reaching who brands expect it to. A Neilsen study helps to understand a little better what is happening and where the problem is. The data comes from an analysis of the British market.

They Can Be Very Interesting According to the Data They Have Extracted

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Things change somewhat by sector, but despite this the data is worrying. The brands of the tourism industry are the ones that achieve the best numbers, connecting with their expected consumers in 66% of the occasions. Those of entertaining do it in 64%, which is also good data. Compared to them, companies in the FMCG market (perishable fast-consuming products) and retail firms are positioned below the average, only managing to connect with those who expected to connect 40 or 42% of the time.

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