The investment in programmatic video is still modest, but it follows an upward curve in Spain. The trends that are already a reality in the North American market are gradually establishing themselves in our country. According to a study prepared by the IAB, it has gone from representing 28% of the total video budget in 2013 to more than 80% in 2018. How is the current Content Marketing? Will the costs of advertising on social networks increase? What is the future of ephemeral video content? To answer all these questions and see the rise of this format, Tradelab analyzed different issues.

Content Marketing becomes increasingly personal

Tv it will be a great opportunity for advertisers to have a greater. Reach and the option to share on mobile will force them to generate content. Instagram. It is being adapted by brands: users want to be connected with them. In 2017, 8 out of 10 users followed at least one belgium email domains brand on Instagram. Linkedin native video support is now available for companies. They can last up to 10 minutes, although it is recommended. That they last between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. Twitter: “Short news” in the form of video will continue to reign. 86% of Twitter users use the network to access news, and 75% of them do so daily.

The Videos Promoted in the Ross Have Shown an Increase

Most video content is optimized and loaded on mobile devices82% of users access online on mobile platforms 39% do it on desktop. 90% of online videos occur on mobile. In Spain and according to the IAB, the programmatic video market represents more than 80% of the total video budget. A specific hashtag for the campaign can be very useful when tracking performance. The videos promoted in the RRSS have shown an increase in Brand recall and purchase intention28% more purchase intention compared to online 20% more recall than on other video platforms

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