Starting with a blog post outline will help better organize your thoughts and avoid disjointed writing.” CLICK TO TWEET The other thing an outline will do, helps you determine the real value of your blog post. Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List Instead of sitting down and staring at a blank screen to start writing your blog post—you’ll instead take the time to research and create something unique that you know will be useful to your future Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List readers. It’ll also show you what can be easily left out from this particular post (or better left for another day). Now, we’re going to walk through my 8-step process to outline a blog post—using a real, working blog post outline to illustrate exactly how to do this along the way.

Start with Establishing Your Seed Keywords

And remember, if you want to pick up my free. Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List blog post outline template to follow along, then head over here right now. 1. Determine the Key Takeaway for Your Readers How to Write a Blog Post Outline and Determine Key Takeaway When you get an idea for a blog post, a great first step is to determine your number one takeaway for readers. What do you want your readers to learn or to remember once they’ve finished reading? This is also a good time to think about what type of blog post you’re best served to Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List write here. The variety in types of blog posts you can use to accomplish your goal is pretty extensive today—and each of these blog post formats has slightly different functions.

Importance of Long-Tail and Medium-Tail Keywords

How to make money blogging and how to write an eBook). Lists or listicles (like my 32 ways to drive traffic to your blog) Checklists (like my checklist of reasons why you should blog or not). Reviews (like my reviews of the best web hosting plans, top monthly hosting plans, and honest Bluehost reviews). Comparison posts (like my ConvertKit vs AWeber vs Mailchimp email tool comparison). Infographics (like my infographic Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List about how to start a blog) Interviews (like on my podcast). Deep research long-form blog posts (like my deep dive into picking a niche to blog about). Roundup posts (like my list of top business books.

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