We have heard a lot about the term digital marketing, e-commerce. About the tools that help to enhance it, about web analytics software? And in a vast majority of cases. We don’t even have a clue what all this terminology is, how it works, and what it’s for. Since the emergence of marketing as a discipline, large numbers of scholars and academics on the subject. Have developed concepts, based on the realities of markets and consumers. Most of these studies agree that marketing is a management system. By which some obtain benefits, by satisfying the desires and needs of others. These methods were initially focused on the commercial plane. But they were so successful that they quickly expanded to other areas such as politics and society.

Which Adapted the Winning Commercial Tools

In the 21st century, known for its characteristics as the age of information, communication, and connectivity, the world has become more hyperactive and immediate. The internet reached the domain of South Korea WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists each sphere linked to the individual. The great mass media ceased to be traditional, such as the written ones (newspapers), television, and radio. Social networks have become a fundamental part of the lives of billions of people. Journalism had to radically change the way of informing. Even each planetary inhabitant, due to the new world characteristics, potentially became a journalist and a mass media outlet.

Given the New Circumstances and Market Structures

Digital Marketing emerges as a fundamental discipline (although it had already been mentioned in the 90s). This is responsible for translating traditional marketing strategies to the digital world. Tools such as immediacy and digital social networks are born in this new field. Measurements of target markets and audiences become more accurate. The search capacity of consumers is broader and simpler with the help of online search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing?). If before, the distributors, the media, and the producers were the ones who had the power of opinion, now the focus changed to the user. Basic characteristics of Digital Marketing

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