In the list of most loved brands, those that tend to have a more dedicated and associated. Community and those that have a clearer image, harley-davidson usually appears. Its products have been associated with an idea for decades. That of freedom in travel, and reaching a niche of consumers, usually men, for whom their. Motorcycles become something more than simply a means of transport. Few would argue that Harley-Davidson is a love mark, one of those brands. That has transcended the idea that they are a product, for a specific consumer niche. And yet, Harley-Davidson is in the midst of a deep crisis.

The Company Is the First Lovemark That Has Entered an Economic

Lego may not be the best example for understanding what’s going on with harley-davidson. But barbies and mattel’s problems are. Mattel faced an image and sales problem because its dolls stopped connecting with the New Caledonia B2B List public. They were no longer reaching millennials, who were becoming parents and who preferred to buy. Their children (their daughters, the traditional mattel market) other dolls and other toys. Barbie had become old-fashioned for some of her and she had seen how her public. The one who connected with her with a certain passion, had grown too old. Something similar is happening to harley-davidson.

When You Lose Young Consumers Sales Were Falling

New Caledonia B2B List

The age of the buyers of these motorcycles had not stopped growing in recent years. That is, Harley-Davidson has been reaching the same market niche and the same consumers for decades, although the philosophy associated with the product, remember in the economic environment,is linked to a younger consumer niche. As they point out in the analysis, a road trip with the wind hitting you in the face on secondary roads does not go well with the aging hips and not-so-good reflexes of those who are actually buying the bikes. One analyst noted in an investor note: “As the average age of Harley buyers moves deeper into the 50s, they may feel they are too old to ride.”

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