We live in a reality in which we are hyperconnected. Thanks to mobile phones and the internet. However, we miss human treatment and closeness. In a marketing strategy, although digital marketing is essential, so are events. As a way to get closer to customers, attract them, and retain them by creating experiences and gathering essential information. Reasons why event marketing is important. The organization of an event is important for the marketing strategy. Of your company for the following reasons. You will be able to make your company or a new product or service known in the market. Get in touch with your potential clients and capture qualified leads.

They Are a Way to Innovate Against Your Competitors

It is an aspect that is becoming more and more important. The event and with the Ethiopia B2B List use of tools such as streaming, periscope or Facebook live. The combination between the virtual and the real. Hybrid events are a trend and combine a physical part with a virtual one, which provides more opportunities to expand content and reach different audiences, as well as overcome space and time limitations. Choosing an influencer that aligns with your brand is essential.

Current Trends in the Organization of Events

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Using a game in a non-game environment is a bet that many events use and that works. It is that a subject or content that can be difficult for the public, is fun. Technological developments. The technology used in events is increasingly sophisticated. From apps to holographs that help present a product without it being physically present. Through virtual or augmented reality. The use of cutting-edge technologies is the order of the day. Information in real-time. Apps and software for events are essential tools to collect event data in real-time and interact with attendees. Alignment of the event and the company’s philosophy.

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