One of the most popular things in the industry is probably the studios. Studies analyzes and reports are like bicycle wheels when you are growing up. Support that makes us feel safe and makes us much less likely to make mistakes and lose steam. The studies are the element. That allows us to understand the state of things and also what helps to make better decisions. They are the key that marketers have to understand. How it operates and how the world around them works. And yet, the studies are not always so reliable, nor are they always so good. Nor are they always valid to truly understand how things are. And sometimes it almost feels like the studies are a kind of ballast that makes understanding. The market more complicated because the information they give is not good or not representative.

This May Be What Is Happening With Digital Marketing and Advertising

The industry has been overwhelmed with studies on digital advertising in the last decade. Many of which have functioned as trojan horses to promote a sales agenda. ” explains one of those responsible for the study to the drum. These studies, he adds, have not helped to position what they wanted to sell but. At the same time, they have caused the genuine findings on these matters to be seen in the advertising agency mailing list same way and their conclusions ignored. The studies are seen in the same way whatever they are and whatever they say. In fact, 57% of those surveyed see behind the studies the sales agenda of the company. That has launched them and consider that this is a major obstacle to reaching valuable conclusions.

This Also Means That While the Research Agencies Such as Gartner

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Agencies score 4 out of 5, while industry associations score 3.9, admeasurement and validation agencies score 3.6, and media marketers score 3.1. As more interests are seen in the data, it is seen in a much more suspicious light. And this is a serious problem for some and for others. For those responsible for the studies, it is not only a question of credibility but also that what they are trying to convey is not really reaching those who expected it to. For the receivers of the same, the issue is different but also worrying. In reality, they are moving in an environment where they do not have reliable sources – or so they feel – to understand the state of things.

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