Reviews are a very important part of online strategy and crucial at. A time when consumers expect maximum transparency and want to know everything about the brands. And products they expect to buy. Comments have become the key element that is taken into account before. Choosing which hotel will be the vacation hotel and the opinions of others are fundamental in. A world in which reviews are seen on youtube or in which people are followed. Characters specialized in certain issues before making purchase decisions. Brands have to accept. This new order of things and they have to be able to connect with consumers in this era of comments and opinions. Which is not always easy or simple. Allowing consumers to leave their opinions at all times. Makes brands not only have to open their hands to comments but also have to accept bad reviews.

These Are the Comments That Worry and Obsess Companies

When consumers are leaving negative comments, when they are highlighting problems and errors, they are doing a crucial job and one that the brand had to do. Consumers are like a kind of police that warns us of what we are doing wrong and as a kind of alert that indicates the roads that should not be traveled. Brands can learn from negative comments and can improve their Dubai Business Fax List results thanks to them, which makes them have a kind of formative will. They should not be seen only as an attack but also as an opportunity to improve things. But the truth is that this is not its only advantage and its only curiously positive point. As you remember from Marketing Profs, bad comments and bad opinions can also be a good thing.

An Opportunity for the Brand but the Truth Is That This Is Not It’s Only

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It is not the only point in favor. Consumers also feel better when there are bad reviews out there. They feel that the comments are more realistic and that they are more true. 68% of consumers trust opinions about a company more if there is a bad one among the good ones. It stands to reason: it’s practically impossible for everyone to like something at all, which makes an excess of positive data slightly suspect. To this, we must add that bad opinions are also an opportunity to connect with consumers and to win them over.

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