Comments and opinions are some of the key elements in the era of internet consumption. Although in a way those responsible for the companies on which. These comments are left have not stopped seeing them with a certain resentment. Feedback seems like dangerous, slightly unsettling ground, as it can tip the scales for good or bad. It is true that consumers can leave glowing reviews that make the product or brand in question come off very well. But they can also leave inflammatory reviews that have the immediate opposite impact. If to this is added that those responsible for brands and companies are often. Obsessed with trolls and with the comments of the competition (they are convinced that opening the door to opinions will make the competition open an army of commentators. To put their company ‘to fall from a donkey’), you can have the complete photo.

Comments Have Not Become an Optional Matter Something

But in these times, comments have not become an optional matter. Something that brands and companies may or may not do. In fact, in these times. It is increasingly important to have reviews because. These are what Bulgaria WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists make consumers feel truly connected to companies and their products. The comment is no longer a kind of extra, but rather something that is taken for granted in the consumer. Experience in the age of the internet. The opinions of others help to discover what the product is like and increasingly help to make consumption decisions. And, in fact, no comment is really bad, as a study by the spiegel research center at northwestern university has just shown. All comments help improve the image of the brand or company and the products in question.

What Have Researchers Discovered According to Their Findings

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Negative comments also have a positive effect on the purchase. As AdWeek reminds you, the issue is not exactly new. Previous studies have already shown that negative opinions lead to more research on the product and more time spent on the sales site (which leads to higher conversion rates). Going back to the current study, the researchers have shown that products with scores that are too good manage to arouse skepticism and that, therefore, it is better not to have the highest score. That someone has said something bad in between is not, therefore, so bad.

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