Brands and those responsible for their strategy have to face more and more varied problems and more demands. In the case of the internet and what they do in that environment. Companies can no longer continue betting on anything goes and they have to be careful. with everything from the type of ad. They use to the scenario they choose to show it to the world. Consumers are becoming more critical of more and more things. Not only do they not want the ads to be annoying and they expect brands and companies to work hard not to be intrusive. But they are also increasingly concerned with who companies partner with when launching those ads. That is, for the consumer, the values ​​of the medium in which they have found the advertisement have. A contagious effect on the brand and the company that appears in that advertisement.

Thought has a certain logic After all the media live advertisers

All this has become much clearer in recent times when the boom in fake news and the fact. That articles and analyzes were featured in all kinds of media and headlines made. The issue is on everyone’s lips. If to this is Chile WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists added the scandal that has meant that several big brands. Were advertising in extremist media or racist content, you can see the full picture. Brands and companies and their marketing managers have no choice, therefore but to start from a new reality. They have to advertise in quality media and in media with a good reputation. If the image of the medium is going to affect the image of the brand. There is no other choice but to be very demanding with how and where those ads are going to be served.

The Question in Figures the Figures and the Studies Supporting

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The figures and the studies do not stop supporting this idea, as they recall in an analysis of The Drum. Consumers are increasingly active in boycotting those brands and companies whose advertising appears in unwanted places. 66% of consumers indicate, in fact, that the respect they may feel for a brand is reduced when they find their advertising on some of these sites. 10.5% say that they stop buying at the exact moment they see those ads and 37% that this appearance can affect their future purchase decisions. 9% will go directly to complain to the brand or company in question. Therefore, advertising in an undesirable place does not pay off and companies have to be very careful with the media lists in which they enter their advertising.

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