To this day, many companies are still unaware of the possibilities. That audit offer us and their tangible benefits, not because we can sell more, which is an objective. But rather to really find the mistakes that we have been making for a long time. And that must be solved for the business to advance in a world full of competitors. But? What is the marketing audit? In the words of kotler (the father who laid the foundations of modern marketing)? “A marketing audit is a clear, comprehensive, independent. Systematic, and periodic examination of the marketing environment and/or the company’s objectives. Activities, and strategies, for the purpose of identifying problem areas and opportunities. And recommending a plan for forceful action to improve the organization’s marketing”

The Marketing Audit Takes on Special Importance and Even

Many companies are lost, without understanding the deep and sudden. Changes that occur, almost daily, in the environment in which they operate. The problem is that many of these companies continue to behave. The same Buy Panama WhatsApp Numbers way they always did, without realizing that the rules of the game have changed. They do not contemplate a rethinking of their business. And much less, look for an external hand that can help them. If the tools exist, it is to make our work easier, and the marketing audit is nothing more than. A tool to understand the company’s environment, and based on its resources and capabilities. To be able to develop a strategy with enough information to be successful.

You Need to Delve Into Each and Every Marketing Activity

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Self-criticism is something that everyone finds difficult. Assessing with absolute sincerity, different aspects that we know are negative in our company. Is not always an easy task. That is why the marketing audit must be carried out by an independent. Consultant to the company itself in order to guarantee the veracity of the results and make decisions more adapted to reality. Periodic does not carry out the audit only when problems are foreseen. But carry it out periodically in order to anticipate them. In reality, are you doing things right in the world of marketing?

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