Online video has become one of the most attractive online marketing strategies for brands. Which increasingly allocate greater volumes of investment to this content. However, the effort made by companies in this regard is not synonymous with. Success in terms of receiving advertisements by users, which is why it must be taken into account when preparing them. Which are the contents that most retain the attention of consumers in this type of format. Determining these indicators has been one of the main objectives that the company strata set itself when. It came to analyzing, in a representative sample of users, what their perceptions were regarding. The advertisements of the online videos they consumed. Thus, the study shows that online video viewers are more likely to consume an ad if its content is funny.

This Report Also Shows That for Brand Content Through Online Ads

In fact, more than half of those surveyed by the company (51.8%) responded affirmatively to this variable. Content related to entertainment followed in the ranking. An indicator that was named by 45% of those surveyed. On the Founder Email Lists contrary, if what the brands are looking for is the rejection or disinterest of the audience. It would be enough for them to show excessively specific or educational content since they were the answers that. With 33% and 29% of the votes, obtained a lower impact on the set of variables proposed among the users. Similarly, this report also shows that for brand content. Through online ads to be effective, they do not have to be very expensive.

The Research Also Reveals Both the Percentage of Users

Founder Email Lists

On the other hand, among the users who did say they saw the online video ads, they encrypted the time of identification of the brands in different strata. In this sense, the majority (29.4%) said they needed between 3 and 4 seconds. It was followed by those who needed between one and two seconds, with 15% of the responses, and those who indicated that they needed between five and six seconds, with 11% of the responses. Within this indicator, the number of people who confirmed that they skipped brand ads before knowing who was sponsoring such content is significant.

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