For example, we had to create an FAQ in our help file to explain to confused searchers why some of the top-ranking pages didn’t even have the keyword searched on the page, or maybe only included the keyword once in the entire page. IP redirection is the main reason for this to happen. Before you say IP redirection doesn’t work for you, consider other techniques that accomplish pretty much the same thing. An example is the meta refresh tag, which causes your doorway page to load a different page as soon as a visitor arrives.

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Activity Summary Latest Transaction Report Transaction Record search engine activity activity by keyword Search engine and keyword activity Referrer’s activity national event Events on all continents Activity by Georgia Phone Number Conversion rate Trading cycle time Average order size new customer repeat customers First time and returning customers time between transactions I hear there are more reports in the works and will be available for free in the near future.

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Most search engines have adopted this technique and now simply. Index the page you redirect to or ignore the submission entirely. In these cases you should make sure that the page. You are redirected to contains content that is well-ranked by the engines. Before I go any further, there are some legitimate uses for meta refresh tags or page swaps. You may have an outdated site and you need to redirect users to a new site or URL.

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