The way in which brands communicate with their target audience. These have used an innovative and effective trend to attract customers and generate conversion beyond. The conventional way of offering the service or product. Content marketing is the strategic creation and distribution of topics or topics of interest or relevant content of value to connect with users on the platforms. To engage and transform them into true customers. This marketing technique is not just about creating viral content. That generates millions of likes and shares on social networks. It is about building user loyalty through different platforms with the brand.

Just as Marketing, in General, Has Been Diversifying, So Has Content

According to this expert, companies should not only pay attention to what is working in the online world. But also be aware of the most common mistakes and identify what is really important for the particularities of thailand business email list their business and. More specifically, empathize and understand the needs and motivations of different audiences. For this reason, during this space the “Digital marketing pandora’s box” has been uncovered which. According to beatriz fernández. Digital business specialist at digital boost contains great “Digital evils” that brands.

Social Networks Have Done the Same in This Field, the Creation

one of the great contributions of the digital age is the possibility of sharing opinions about services, products and shopping experiences. However, in recent years malpractice has spread in this regard, false opinions abound and it has even become a fraudulent way of doing business. Several studies claim that one in three reviews we read is likely to be false. One of the consequences of this situation is the proliferation of recommendation applications in which the user only accesses the evaluations made by his or her close circle of friends.

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