One of the lessons that those responsible for marketing and advertising have had to learn in recent. Times has been that traditional advertising formats no longer work. The ‘usual’ advertisements have become obsolete. Because they are not capable of competing with the noise that other media generate and with. The new generation messages of the brands. In addition, delving into the memory of consumers is increasingly difficult. Because in the face of excessive noise and overload of messages, consumers have become much more demanding with what interests them and what does not. In other words, they have far fewer qualms about ignoring the brand and forgetting or not processing its message at all.

Brands and companies were progressively accessing a series of new resources

The company plays with the asset that its brand and its consumption process are so popular among consumers and so, as zanaria says, iconic. The effect of synesthesia does the rest. And the experience. Which at first should have been poor because it was only visual, takes a leap further. It receptive to the brand and its products, it does help to study what works. What does not and what achieves better responses. At the Poland B2B List same time, marketers have learned a powerful lesson of late. Consumers are increasingly looking for more immersive experiences and they. Want brands to connect with them in a much deeper way and in a much more special way. That is, the messages of the brands have to go one step further and appeal to much more varied elements and much more than usual.

How Coca-cola Plays With It Coca-cola Has Just Launched

Poland B2B List

Coca-cola has just launched an advertising campaign in traditional media in Europe. That tries to generate all these sensations and appeal to all these elements. Use the lessons of neuromarketing to create messages that appeal beyond. What is seen and generates a message that impacts emotions, sensations? As explained in the campaign. The campaign wants to cause an autonomous meridian. Sensory response to be generated in whoever is viewing the message (yes, it is what – on the other hand – ASMR videos use to connect with viewers).

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