There was a time when almost no matter what town you lived in and how big it was. You opened a store that sold signature and craft beers. A few years ago the boom of micro-breweries and niche and highly specialized beers began. The boom became a trend, a trend that also had a few ramifications and managed to go beyond simply. Opening new stores and the emergence of niche brands. The big beer brands also had to bring out their more ‘artisanal’ products in order to keep up with these changes. Although there are those who see in this fashion. A bubble-like so many others and although the trend may become a kind of flower of a day (or not) as happens with so many fashions. The boom in craft beers and micro-breweries serves to understand a few things about how the market has changed.

The Demographic Transition Imposes on the Market

That is what they explain in an analysis by Crimson Hexagon, where they point to the high growth that the craft beer market has had in the EMEA region (11% expected between 2017 and 2021, with even greater strength in the Hospital Mailing Lists market specific to Europe) can be understood by how they have understood the market. In 2015 there were already 5,000 micro-breweries in Europe and craft beer was becoming a fashion item. How did they do it? As pointed out in the study, to understand this trend and to understand how these brands positioned themselves, there is no other choice but to do an in-depth analysis of the audiences. Craft beer manufacturers, they point out, have succeeded because they have been able to understand how consumers had changed and especially their relationship with alcohol and especially with beer.

One Step Further Analyzing What Else They Talk About and What

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The conversations of consumers in social networks can show how the path for craft beer continues to be outstanding. But, above all, listening to what is happening on social media when it comes to beer shows how complex it can be to reach a trending market and how easy it can be to get carried away by the simplest conclusions. At first glance, those who are talking about craft beers on social networks are men and of a certain age. However, this should not cause the manufacturers of these products to focus on them alone. Because the data from social networks also indicates that there are much more specific niches and that they have a lot of potentials.

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