Online video is one of the great stars when it comes to analysis, forecasts, and studies. In recent times, the interest that consumers have shown in the information. They receive through this format has been progressively increasing. There are more and more videos on the web and it is becoming easier to access them. Which has also had an effect on the audience. More and more people watch videos and those who access them on a regular basis. This growing interest of audiences in online videos has aroused. As is usual in these cases, also the interest of brands and companies in this field. Video has become one of the new obsessions of marketers. Who wants to use it to better connect with consumers and to make their messages not only received but also seen with interest and enthusiasm.

Combining the Forecasts of Two Analyzes on the Subject

As the experts point out, there are more and more formats and brands and companies are playing more and more with them. The live video that has become fashionable on the different platforms in recent times could be Buy Estonia WhatsApp Numbers an example of how. Brands are eager to try new things, but it is only a preview. From now on, they will try more formats and more ideas to, on the one hand, differentiate themselves and. On the other, be more efficient when creating powerful storytelling and better connect with audiences. For example, more could be expected from 360º videos in the future. Especially as more associated devices appear, such as models of glasses, and also as brands and companies see greater potential when it comes to sharing experiences. Linked to festivals, shows, or content elements that will reward immersion, such as travel information.

Series Are Not Dead Another Interesting Element to Take Into Account

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One of the issues that have become fundamental in the online video market is its appeal to advertisers. Online videos have managed to position themselves ahead of other formats in terms of advertising investment, managing to become the most attractive in this field. According to expert estimates, things are not going to change. It is expected that this year alone (and it is data from the US market) the investment in ads for online videos will grow by 12%. It will rise by 9% in the following year. Be that as it may, they are very high growth figures, especially considering that the figures achieved by other online advertising scenarios are much worse. In fact, according to the same study, banners, rich media and sponsorships will experience a decline during the period.

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