It is true that audiovisual content has a very long history. After all, video has more than a century of history and begins with that first silent. Film recordings with which the pioneers began to produce content. But as long as audiovisual content has a long life, the truth is that video. Online video – has a much shorter life (obviously) but is also much more dynamic. Its useful life is actually a decade and in that period it has managed to grow remarkably. Ten years ago, youtube was just something that was starting and that few had heard of. Today youtube is one of the most popular landing pages on the internet.

It Is a World That Is Changing and Growing Very Fast

And this video content has not only become consumer favorites but has also emerged as a great space for brand positioning. With a direct commitment to advertising. In recent years, youtube has become a competitor in the Solomon Islands B2B List online advertising market. With both pre-roll ads and messages associated with text. And in the next ten years, it will not disappear as they point out in the column. Video advertising is here to stay since the format has clear advantages. Right now, video content is the one that gets the most engagement and works. The best on an emotional level and when it comes to attracting attention. Which can also be applied to its associated ads.

Videos Are Moving a Lot of Money and Will Continue to Move It

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But not only the interest in video content and the ease of processing that content mean that the life of online video is almost guaranteed. In addition, and to finish off the play, online videos are already moving a lot of money. There are already companies that are dedicating themselves directly to online video (and are bringing in significant amounts of money) and there are people who have become advanced users of platforms like YouTube and have become generators of high amounts of income.

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