In recent times, many have been the brands that have been launched to create life on their profiles on social networks. Publishers have presented books and held meetings with authors, there are those who have used them to hold meetings about potential new products and there are those who have invited celebrities and influencers to star in those moments and thus achieve a greater connection with the audience. Streams on social networks are becoming more and more common, especially since Facebook also entered the race for this market and launched its Facebook Live. Why are brands betting more and more on these tools and why are they increasingly present in them?

The Fact That Consumers Are Paying More and More Attention

The fact that consumers are paying more and more attention to the video and are responding more and more directly to it is one of the big reasons why brands are, in turn, doing more in this area. As the brands go deeper and deeper, this has a knock-on effect on the others. If there is movement in this field, the other brands will end up adding to it since, if for one it triumphs, it is Sweden WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists better than it does so for all of them. If we add to this the fact that social networks, and here we could simply say facebook, are rewarding this content and giving it a prominent part in their feed, it is even less surprising to discover that brands are getting more and more on this type of content.

A Feeling That You Do Not Have When You Are Simply Watching

There are many platforms that allow live video broadcasts and many brands have their own tools to do it directly. All this creates, as they conclude, a confusing reality. Brands have to take into account what they want to achieve with that video to choose the most appropriate platform and, above all, they have to be able to establish which one will be the most comfortable for the recipient. If what you want is to do something that only the company’s own workers receive, using a public platform does not make sense. If what you want is to reach massive audiences or enhance the social experience, Facebook and the like become the best option.

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