Online videos have become an increasingly important part of brand strategy. Consumers are consuming more and more of this content and videos are also invading. Every medium and every space, making it almost impossible to escape from them. As interest in this content grows, brands are increasingly turning to producing it. But the truth is that making a video is not as easy as simply recording something and uploading it to the internet. Brands have to be very careful with what they do. They have to create a strategy and they have to take into account the rules imposed by this new workspace. A video on the internet must respond to the needs imposed by the network and the expectations of consumers. What is it, therefore? That brands must take into account to create a video strategy that works?

Time Is Very Important Is a Short Video or a Long Video Better

Is a short video or a long video better? The truth is that the answer to that question can only depend. In recent times, the variety of videos that consumers watch on the internet has increased and, therefore, the Mauritius B2B List have opened up the range of options far beyond the video of a few seconds on YouTube. Do not forget that the long-form market also has a niche when it comes to video. But even if consumers watch full-length videos online, we can’t go too far and don’t think that they will watch 30 minutes of content for no reason. The length of the video must be marked by the type of content. There are contents that can be stretched and there are others that, whatever is done, cannot go beyond a few minutes.

The Truth Is That There Are to a Certain Degree Certain Rules

Mauritius B2B List

Apart from all this, and as they point out in a column in AdAge, it should never be forgotten that the attention window of consumers is getting shorter and that therefore brands have less and less room for maneuver to capture the attention of consumers. the consumers. There are more and more videos and they are in more and more places, so the competition is much higher. Brands only have 10 seconds to grab the user’s attention before it disappears and moves on to something else. Still, it’s not just important to grab attention at first. You also have to maintain it. Statistics show that 33% of viewers leave by the 30th second, 45% by the first minute, and 60% by 2.

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