The lists of consumers’ favorite brands and products are one of those data that companies are very interested in. Taking them as a kind of guide to understanding what buyers want and what is really reaching them. In addition, for the brands that enter those lists, it becomes a kind of element of pride. A positive impact in the media, and a perfect excuse to sell themselves in a certain way. For certain demographic groups, brand listings are also seen as a way to understand. A market that is too difficult for them to understand. This is what has happened in recent years with millennials and what interests them in terms of consumption.

What Are the Brands That Interest Millennials and the Ones That Pay

The company works on a base of American consumers to do. It (although its data is quite interesting and relevant to understand young. Consumers in more markets) and on a range of ages that, right now, should change. The name of the UK WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists consumers investigated. The study has analyzed which are the favorite brands of consumers between 19 and 39 years old. But the passage of time has meant that this group is no longer that of millennials (only). Although the highest part of that age bracket is still made up of millennials. The lowest is already considered generation z by many analysts.

Amazon Overtakes Apple on the List of Favorite Brands

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This is important for many reasons. On the one hand, it shows that, despite everything that is said about this generation of (very conscientious) consumers, the company has managed to settle on the podium, possibly because its services and the benefits they bring to consumers outweigh the brand perception. As they remember in Business Insider, this has not been the best year of entry for Amazon’s reputation. The company has been the subject of criticism for its weight in the market, for the things it sells, or for the conditions of its workers (including calls for a boycott). Despite this, his image has not deteriorated. In fact, in the previous list, the brand was in the fourth position.

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