Resource Yoast can help guide you about how to optimize your headers. For example, Yoast will recommend using your keyword phrase (or keyword phrase synonyms) in your heading and subheadings. If your blog post is weak on this, it will alert you. Tonga Email List Are You Using Your Keyword Tonga Email List Phrase In-Text (Keyword Density) Your keyword phrase should also be woven throughout your content? Take the time to repeat your chosen keyword or keyword phrase in the main body of your text.

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In a way that reads naturally in your writing but Tonga Email List repeats many times in your content. Yoast will let you know if you’ve used your keyword phrase. Often enough in your blog post under the category keyword density. Use Outbound Tonga Email List Links and Internal Links. Outbound links and internal links are two things. Google uses to rank content. Outbound links refer to links you include in your content to other websites. Tonga Email List and internal links are links you use to link to other blog posts you’ve written. Yoast keeps track of how many external links you’ve included in your content and will give you some guidance on you when you need to include more. Aim for linking out to at least 3 to 5 authoritative websites (on non-competitive topics) in each of your blog posts. 5. Optimize the Meta Description.

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A meta description is a tiny blurb that comes up Tonga Email List after a link in a search engine result. You can write and edit your meta-description using Yoast’s plugin near the bottom of your WordPress editor, when you’re editing a post, like so: Screenshot Example of Meta Description in SEO It’s recommended by Yoast to include Tonga Email List your keyword phrase again in your meta description, usually somewhere near the front. You can see another example of how I did this for my blog post How to Choose a Domain Name: Tonga Email List Screenshot of Choosing a Domain Name Article SEO Ranking The keyword phrase “how to choose a domain name” is written again in my meta

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