To the leading companies and brands, those that manage to position themselves ahead of the rest and that manage to set. The standard for what is done in the market. The other companies observe them, analyze them, and, in a certain way. It could be said that they even envy them. They are able to capitalize on them and connect with consumers in a much more targeted and much more efficient way. They are much better at establishing themselves in the market and getting results.

Innovative and Trendsetting Companies Stay Ahead of the Market

Thus, 51% of those surveyed have assured that their teams are proactive when organizing their work. Developing clear processes based on the tools available for it. The data is also completed with 14% of those surveyed. Who see their Ukraine WhatsApp Number List teams no longer as organized but directly as very proactively organized. The exception is those who do not believe that their team manages well autonomously. 18% say that their team is disorganized and 7% directly very disorganized. 10% are not sure how to pigeonhole their team.

Understand the Connected Consumer and as They Make

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The most innovative brands and those that best understand. The needs of the market in these times have been understood. All this reality and have been able to adjust their strategy to it. All these issues become opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers. The industry also works largely with objectives in mind. 74% say they set marketing goals, compared to 26% who do not. Of that percentage that sets goals, the overwhelming majority recognize that they achieve them. Although the range of achievements is varied. Thus, 3% acknowledge that they always succeed. 48% most of the time and 41% sometimes, compared to 6% who rarely succeed and 3% who never close.

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