They’ll include an EOM at the end to let you know you’re not missing anything when you open the email and nothing is there. 52. NRN: No Reply Necessary. If you just want to let someone know about something but don’t need a reply, let them know with a quick NRN at the end. 53. PRB: Please Reply By. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List Gives them a deadline to get back to you. Optional: claim dyslexia and bring cans of PBR to the next meeting. “Marketing” Business Slang, Acronyms and Abbreviations Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List Business Slang, Acronyms, Abbreviations Marketing Slang This entire section of marketing-related business slang is designed to help you sell you more things (and know what you’re talking about).

Why You Need To Hold Yourself Accountable To Grow Your Side Hustle.

With fewer letters! 55. B2B: Business to Business. This is all Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List about who you’re selling to. Business to business means you’re selling your product or service to other businesses. 56. B2C: Business to Consumer. Like the above, this business slang term means you’re selling your product or service straight to individual Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List customers (end users). 54. SEO: Search Engine Optimization. This business slang is only going to get bigger, so you better acquaint yourself with it now. Basically, it means creating and structuring the content of your website, so that it’s more likely to show up high in search results when certain keyword phrases are searched for. You can even learn how to do keyword research and improve your blog SEO skills. 57. CPC: Cost per Click. Ads, ads, ads.

An Entrepreneur Who Has Used Accountability Hacks Successfully.

This business slang term is all about your Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List acquisition cost from a paid online advertising channel, or rather, how much it costs to get someone to click on your ad. For example on Facebook ads, your CPC can range anywhere from $0.16 to well over $1.00+ depending upon the audience targeting, demographics, and various other factors. In my experience, the more targeted and specific your audience, the higher your CPC tends to be—but that’s usually a good thing. 58. CR: Conversion Rate. How is Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List successful are those marketing emails, anyway?

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