Brand architecture, sales funnel, and many others. As all puro marketing readers know. Communication and customer relationship management has undergone a tremendous evolution in recent years. Thanks to digitization and the internet, has it become more dynamic. More interactive? Now there are multiple means of communication. The customer journey is more complex and the possibilities of contacting and selling are broader.

With a Huge Number of Information Sources Inbound Marketing

With a huge number of information sources, inbound marketing and content marketing have come to complement. And sometimes replace interruption marketing. In which we use advertising France mobile number list mechanisms to ‘push’ our message. Attract-convert-close-satisfy. To manage the enormous spectrum of actions, content, channels, and customer data. As a general rule, they draw data sources and applications in their relationship.

Various Examples of Marketing Tech Stacks Can Be Easily

Scott Brinker has been collecting these solutions for several years. Presenting them on a map that grows larger year after year. Brinker calls this table the ‘marketing technology landscape supergraphic’ and sorts the solutions into several categories and subcategories. It currently represents almost 7,000 solutions.

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