In times of crisis, marketing and advertising suffer. It’s something we saw in the economic crisis a decade ago when budgets. Collapsed and companies made decisions based on budget austerity. Investment in advertising fell and companies focused on those elements. That offered results but from a lower cost starting. Point (it was, in fact, the time of the social media marketing boom). It is also what we are seeing now when the coronavirus. The crisis has put a brake on investment in marketing and advertising. Brands and companies have paused their investments marked not only by. The halt in consumption but also by the fear of what is coming.

The statistics are clear In recent weeks average advertising prices

For this reason, it is surprising to find a study that points out. That the reality is not so dramatic and that everything is not exactly so bad in marketing. And advertising strategy and in the Canada phone no list associated investment. The study is also not a statistic made by any source but by a rigorous academic body. According to the conclusions of a study by the Fuqua school of business. At duke university, marketing could be weathering the storm. That is, despite all the bad things, his situation is not even remotely. The worst in total terms within the company. The study was carried out on a sample of us companies. (but which tend to be the ones that set the standard in marketing and advertising.

What do the Numbers say What Exactly Do the Numbers Say?

If the general income of the companies is taken into account and what part of that goes to marketing, the data also shows an upward trend. It was 8.6% in January and now it is 11.4%. And here’s where the surprise comes: It’s the highest percentage since the university began collecting data in 2008. And if this happens, despite it may seem counterintuitive or goes against everything we’ve been hearing so far, it’s because the situation we find ourselves in is strange. In the last century, companies have had to face crises of all kinds, but not a global pandemic and a health crisis of these dimensions. No one was prepared for it, neither were the companies, and no one really knows what to do the day after.

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