Personalization has become one of those ubiquitous elements in the strategy that more and more companies follow. On the internet, it seems almost impossible not to offer a unique and different experience and one that adjusts above all to what the consumer expects and not so much to what is offered to everyone in general. In the end, this is the essence of many services, such as social networks, in which consumers each receive something different marked by what they have previously done, selected or how they have related to others. And Google has just joined the personalization line, which will begin to offer tailored content to its users. Mobile users will receive a feed adjusted to what interests them (it will be received in the Google app) that will make it “easier than ever to discover.

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It is a limited way for some of its Android users) but it is an adjustment that puts. The company to compete more firmly with the other players in the market. . The company assures that it has advanced in the development of the Brazil WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists algorithms that govern it and that, therefore. It is easier than before to anticipate what the consumer wants and expects. The contents will be based on the user’s interactions with Google. But not only. Those topics are trending in general and especially in the area in which. The user lives will also be taken into account. To this, they will add that it will allow access to content related to the specific interests that users have.

Users will be able to add topics simply by following that question

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The question supposes a quite brutal change in the user experience. Especially since, as published in the Washington post. Google will start with the launch in mobile environments. But will also apply it in the desktop version and in the main page. The one whose design is kind of a hallowed matter within google. If the company is willing to alter something so valuable. It is because the idea is not only being taken very seriously but also because it is viewed in a strategic way. The key to why you should enhance this system is in what you need to do to get the best results. As indicated in its presentation, the more google is used, the better content results it will offer. Which can have a knock-on effect on consumers.

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